"I just wanted to let you know that the Town of Greece inspection of our recent furnace/air conditioning installation was done on Oct. 10 and as expected, there were no problems.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how happy we are with the quality of the Amana equipment and your installation, as well as the operation to date, which has obviously been limited to the furnace. Compared to our previous equipment, the quality of your installation work was exceptional. It's a pleasure to see a job that was done right! Over the years, I've had enough experience in process air and HVAC system design to know that Bill's recommendations for increased airflow were necessary. The operation of our previous furnace was further proof. The improved temperature uniformity with your ductwork revisions and more appropriately sized furnace have been noticeable. There has been only a slight increase in noise as a result of the perhaps 3X airflow, but this has been offset by the quieter operation of the furnace itself. All in all, we've been extremely pleased and I fully expect we'll continue to be when we eventually get to use the air conditioner.

Bill also visited my wife's elderly parents last week. Their furnace had failed due to a blown fuse. When they called another local contractor, he changed the fuse, but insisted their furnace was in need of immediate replacement, to the extent that he was going to have RG&E red tag it. My wife suggested they call HI-Qual before doing anything. Bill said their problem was easily repairable for just a few dollars! This speaks highly of your company's integrity (and, unfortunately, of some of your competition's). Should they decide to replace their furnace in the future, I think there's little doubt who they will call.

Thanks again for a job well done. We will recommend your company without hesitation."

Brooks J. Schneider. P.E.

"I woke up Saturday morning, April 15th, to a cold house and found my furnace running, but it was blowing cold air. I called your office number, was given another and was immediately responded to and told to do a couple of things which got my furnace running fine. The gentleman who answered the phone also said that if there was any problem at all during the weekend to feel free to call him back.

I woke up Easter Sunday morning, again to a cold house. I called the number, but this time no one answered. I left a message saying I would be out for Church services and would be home at 10:00 am. and would be able to talk to the service technician after 10:00 to see if we could arrange a possible time that they might stop by or tell me what to do. I realized that since it was Easter Sunday your technician might also have plans that would conflict with mine, that we might not be able to get together and I would just have to put up with it until Monday morning. I was extremely surprised and pleased when I drove in from Easter Church services to find your repairman parked in my driveway waiting for me.

Now THAT is service! I want you to know that not only do I appreciate it, I am really glad that I picked your company to install my furnace. I was one of those people who shopped around when I had my furnace installed, and you weren't exactly the lowest price, but the people you had given me for references highly recommended your Company - and I was glad to take their recommendations then and am even more pleased now. I was even more surprised and almost shocked when I was told that there would be no charge - that it was covered under the warranty. I don't think anyone would expect the warranty to cover calls on holiday Sundays. I would have been glad to pay the man for his time, but he wouldn't even take any money. It speaks well of your Company and of your staff, and I want you to know that.

Again, my sincerest thanks to you and to your service technician for the outstanding service that I received on a holiday weekend, at no charge."

Thomas J. Roche, Gates

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the AMANA air conditioning unit that you installed at my address several weeks ago. I don't know why I didn't have air conditioning installed many years ago. It certainly does a good job in cooling the house.

Your workman was very neat and answered all my questions regarding the new unit. I was so pleased that I told my good friends, Fred and Kathy Schuber, about your company and they had you install air conditioning in their home also.

I also would like to comment on your service department, I spend winters in Florida and I know that if there is a problem with the heating unit while I am away (as it happened) once that you take care of it for me.

Thanks again, and I will certainly pass the word about your company on to anyone that I know that needs heating or air conditioning work done."

Very truly yours,
Leo P. Collins, Rochester

"Today we had air conditioning installed in our home. I would like to express my delight in the manner the job was accomplished! Your technicians were punctual, courteous, and very neat.

The day started out as a hot and very humid one. Every phase from the outside condenser installation to the furnace coils went smoothly! Your men even moved a plant for me outside. Bob gave me a "TOUR" upon completion and explained, "How the unit works." I cannot say enough for the quality of its operation as I write this letter in a COOL home. Your company is tops. When family and friends ask about the contractor, you can be sure I will recommend HI-Qual. (My sister has already been asking!)

Thank you very much for a GREAT JOB."

Yours truly,
Jean Blasioli, Spencerport

"Quality Is More Than Just A Word To Us, It's In Our Name."